It works simply: you download a free app and upload your details and qualifications. In no time at all, you’ll get notifications of thousands of jobs that match your skills. Unlike other job sites, you’re fully informed every step of the way — for example, the recruiter will tell you if you’re a first or second match for a role.


But HiUp does more than just find you work.


Using the app, you can take courses to improve your skills and enhance your earning power. These are accredited courses: employers recognise them and proactively hire candidates who have them.

We’ve created an app in which your CV, like your career, is constantly evolving.

Get work, get skills, get paid.

HiUp is to recruitment what Tinder is to dating — it matches you to your right job.


But HiUp does more than just find you work: the app gives you access to thousands of low-cost courses, benefitting your career and boosting your earning power. With HiUp, you create a virtual career wallet — a fully protected, online CV that you can expand whenever you want.

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Looking for a job? Here’s how HiUp works.




The app’s the key to it all. Having downloaded it, you can start creating your virtual career wallet.

You fill in your



It’s easy, quick and you won’t get any nasty spam. You'll be up and running quickly and you'll get job matches instantly.

You gain new



HiUp’s unique because it doesn’t just match you with the right job: it provides you with great, low-cost training. This means you’re always developing your CV and your career.

Here’s HiUp, unpacked.

You don’t waste your time


HiUp’s free: no hidden costs, no surcharges, nothing. It’ll take only a few minutes to register and the app does all the heavy-lifting for you.

You manage when you work


You’re in the driving-seat. You'll be able to dictate when and where you want to work and whether you prefer full or part-time.

You can carve out a better career


If you don’t have the qualifications, we don’t just identify the gaps in your CV: HiUp offers you these courses, at low-cost or free.

We hire and upskill workers in all these sectors.

Property & Construction

Health & Social Care

Catering  Hospitality

Supply Chain Logistics

Education Training

Customer Service

Engineering & Manufacturing

Leisure Sport Entertainment


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